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Terms and conditions: reviews

Terms and services for players By registering as Player, you agree to the following:

In order to qualify a server, you will not be able to:
  • Give false scores, that is, give points that are not within reason.
  • Write defamation, false information by hate or other personal situation.
  • Publish spam, advertising or nonsense writing.
  • Trolling or posting just to annoy other users or any other person on and off site.
  • Create conflicting comments, which seek to initiate a fight or discussion against other comments, servers or users.
Prohibited the massive creation of accounts for:
  • Increase a server's ratings, generate more scores through reviews and/or comments.
  • The deterioration of the qualifications or score of the servers, generating negative points.
  • The sending of massive spam to the servers, through comments, punctuation or reviews.
  • Mass registration in an attempt to flood the database, suture it or any malicious action.
To upload an image, you must not:
  • Contain racist words, images or intentions.
  • Having sexually explicit content, nudes, sexual images, pedophilia, etc.
  • Be vulgar, any content with unpleasant words, bad words, incitement to conflict.
  • Graphically contain anything unpleasant to the eyes, such as bloody images, gore or cruelty.
Avoid spam within DragoRO
  • If it is detected that a user is sending spam to the links of our site, or misconduct, letters will be taken in the matter, beginning with the suspension of the account e IP .
Disciplinary actions:
  • Any action against the rules, rules and terms of DragoRO, with sufficient evidence, the administration will have permission to remove, suspend or ban: accounts or comments.
DragoRO Terms and conditions: reviews
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