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Find the answers to the most common questions. If you can´t find the answer to your question, contact us .

How do I create my account?

You can click on the Add Server menu, when you are not registered you will be taken to the registry or you can click on the User Icon (located in the upper right part of the site) and inside you will find the Create Account link. You must complete the form correctly, avoid placing session data that you share with other accounts or pages for security, however, the user data is encrypted for greater security. At the end of your registration, you must validate your account through the email that will arrive, so we recommend using an active email account.

How does the Multi-Language system work?

We have worked hard to be an international community, although we are currently focusing on two languages: Spanish and English. In the upper right you will find the icon of a balloon, by clicking you can switch between the different active languages (you need to be registered to use this function). By default we try to detect the language that our visitors IP throws at us. For convenience, once you log in, the language you select will remain registered until you change it again. 90% of the site is translated (although not so perfectly yet).

How to add my server to the Ranking?

To add your server, you need to register, then go to the Add Server menu or in the user icon (located in the upper right) you will find the link My Panel. Here you must fill out a form, completing all the fields, and with that you will wait for the approval of a Moderator or Administrator so that your server appears in the Ranking.

How does the Ranking system work?

All registered and approved servers are shown at the beginning, in the Top Ranking. These are classified according to the number of votes received during the month, they will appear in descending form, with which the servers with more votes will be at the beginning. All votes are restored every first day of the month. The limit of votes goes through IP and browser. The visits or views that the servers receive, do not influence the Ranking, however, there is a filter to be able to visualize those with more visits during the month.

What is the favorites system?

This function allows our registered users to mark each server with a Favorite (a Like), based on this we can have an extra classification and filtering. Soon these will appear in the public profiles of each user to be a way to share their experiences.

Statistics and reviews on Servers?

We add a statistics tab of each server, where you can see the votes and visits they had on the day and also in the month. Reviews work for registered users, one review per player for each server, that is, they cannot comment or review the same user twice. A rating system is added, to measure certain criteria and we perform a Rating of these. A score from 1 to 100 is created, there are 10 criteria with a maximum individual value of 10 points. You can find this within the Server page in the different tabs.

Can you improve the range of my server?

The main way to rank up is through the votes, the more votes your server gets, the better position you will find. For this you must add our voting code on your website, so that your players can vote. Another way is to hire a Premium membership, this allows you to get up to 500 additional votes per month and with this you get the rank increase. You must also share your server through social media buttons, increase your visibility and attract more visitors who can vote directly on DragoRO.

How often can you vote for my server?

Currently they can vote every 12 hours, so your players can vote up to 2 times a day for your server. We have a system that allows you to let you know if you can vote or not and what time you have left before you can give your next vote.

Where do I get my voting code?

Within My Panel, you will find a section called My Servers, there you will find a list of your server (s), below each one is an action bar (leaving the mouse on each icon you can see the title of the action), by clicking on the first icon (button) Voting Code, a tab opens where you can view two different types of HTML buttons to share and the direct HTML insert code. By clicking on the text boxes, it will be copied automatically.

Why do some servers have a GIF banner?

This feature is exclusive to Premium members, but for all users it is available to upload a banner in JPG, PNG format. Do not exceed 555kb. The server banners should not be confused with the ads, these are acquired in the Advertise section.

What is the Database menu?

You will be able to observe two submenus within this one, items and mobs. Each one has its listing and search engine in real time. It is currently working on keeping it updated today, but suddenly you can find most items until Episode 17.1. Each Item and Mob, has its page, where you can find more information in a more fluid and fun way. Maps, drops, MvP charts, Sets, NPC sales. If you find errors you can report it using the individual button inside the page of the item or mob, also share the link on Facebook at the moment.

Can I get more players if I am Premium?

You can get insurance, up to 500 more votes and raise your rank in the top, the biggest benefit is that with each Premium renewal, you can increase your votes. Even if your server is in a very low range, with few votes, it will keep more visualization since players tend to click on the premium listings because they are so prominent.

How do I create ads or advertising campaigns?

To show your ad with us, you must go to My Panel or in the Advertise menu. Inside you will complete a small form and you can upload your image or select your server to advertise. We currently have 3 types of Ads, which are Top Banner, which you will place at all times at the top of DragoRO, in the slider. Banner Drag found on the right side of the site (Desktop version) and at the bottom on mobile devices. And finally Top Ranking, which basically places your server at the top of the Top, even before the Top #1.

Can I view the statistics of my ads?

We have added a system that allows you to view the number of impressions your Ad has and also the clicks it has achieved. You can see it in My Panel in the My Ads section.

Can I edit an already published ad?

You cannot currently modify an ad already purchased and published, you can only delete it.

What payment methods are available and what are the DraCoins?

For now, we accept payments through PayPal, we will soon be able to add new methods to different countries, in case we cannot pay through PayPal, send us a ticket through the Contact section, requesting another payment method and we will assist you as soon as possible.

The DraCoins, are the official currency of DragoRO, all purchases on the site are made with this. To purchase them, you must go to My Panel and in the Buy Dracoins section you can observe the exchange rate (which is currently 1USD = 1Dracoin). Entering the amount of USD in the text field and then pressing the Buy Credits button, the purchase button will appear under PayPal. Purchases are safe and automatic, as soon as your purchase is credited by PP the system transfers the credits and you can see the history of your purchases in the Purchase History section.

How can I edit the information or content of my Server?

Within My Panel in the My servers section, you will find the action bar, the second icon edits the basic and general data of your server, while the third icon will allow you to edit the long description, with a small system BBCode (text editor), to add bold, italic, lists, links, etc. To your information.

How does the Servers gallery work?

The gallery is a system that allows you to upload so many videos, using YouTube (embed) and images of maximum 1920 * 1080px (FHD). The content appears on the page of your Server. This function is for all registered users.

Why do some Servers have TAG and their social networks?

This function is only for Premium members, having the membership, both when adding a server, and when editing an already registered one, at the end of the form you will see the fields to add the links of your social networks, as well as choose some tags within The allowed list.

How can I change my account information and where is my Profile?

At the moment, we still do not have these functions available to users, they are being tested by our Developers.

Is there a way to avoid voting bots and traps?

Day by day we analyze the systems and their records in order to determine who are trying to deceive our voting system. Those movements that we detect false or malicious, we deny them (we avoid their registration), and in the same way both the user and the IP are sanctioned.

Why have my votes and visits from my Server been lost?

Mentioned above, every first of every month, the votes and visits of all servers are restarted. Those with Premium membership, depending on the type of Premium purchased, their votes will be increased.

Is DragoRO optimized for different devices?

We have worked and continue working on optimizing our entire site as perfect for most devices, as well as PCs with large monitors, even mobile phones. Looking for content to be easy to flow and navigate.

What do I do if I cant find the answer to my problem here?

You can contact us quickly through the Contact menu or you can write to us through social networks or in Discord. You can find the different networks in the footer.

If you find errors, failures, bugs or have suggestions.

Contact us privately, through Discord or social networks, we appreciate the support and honesty of our users, as well as encourage every certain amount of reports per user (it is important to be registered).

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